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Monday, March 18, 2013

Holy shit we still have a blog?

As the title explains, I forgot we still had a blog.  Luckily, my good friend SHO-NUFF has been keeping the lights on, the fireplace roaring, and the fridge well stocked with craft beers and the finest meats and cheeses.


  • Why anyone, ANYONE thinks that it is cool to have conceal and carry in Chicago.  It only solves one, ONE fucking specific problem.  You encounter a situation where a criminal announces himself, and allows you time to pull the gun and fire at said criminal.  It does not in anyway solve the issue of fucking assholes coming to the city and getting all mad because someone keyed their car, grabbed their girlfriend's ass, or losing a fight after stalking someone for three blocks without any fighting skill.
  • Why do people key cars?  My shit just got keyed and I want to pull my concealed nerf gun and go to town.  Thank Jesus I dont own any weapons other than some sweet ass bat-a-rangs my brother bought me.  What is the purpose of keying my car assholes?
  • You ever wonder what goes on in the mind of a guy who builds a bunker in his backyard and hates the government, but loves the flag?  You either...interesting?
  • I have been asked to alert parents (new and experienced) that your life has not ended because you had a child, or 9.  No, it is ok to go out still and have a good time.  Quit telling us that you can't go out because you have a child at home with that "I WILL CALL DCFS BECAUSE YOU ARE OUT" stare.  You're lucky we dont have conceal and carry I tell you!
More to come....Much love people!


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