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Monday, September 29, 2008

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oh yeah... that's a black cowboy!

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something I can't let slide and that includes purple spandex.

[i elaborate]

So i am watching the Cowboys vs Redskins (cowboys and indians someone explains) and this dude just strolls by without a care in the world. Somethings need to be captured. Sometimes for education. Sometimes for ridicule. This obviously encompasses both.

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Friday, September 26, 2008

Women's Bathrooms

OK, I have to comment on this and see if I can get some confirmation, clarity or sanity about it.

Men all over the world and through the history of time have always thought that the Women's washroom was the cleanest thing in whatever location they were at. When we are standing in line for the urinal or the crap locker that passes for a stall, we envision the posh setting of the women's washroom. We weigh the consequences and make peace with what is the worst that can happen if we decided to sneak over there and use it.

So imagine my bone chilling disgust when i heard how terrible the women's washroom really is. This news totally rocked my world. I am telling u honestly right now, that only married men know that women take a dump and that is their spouse only. Most guys truly think that when a woman goes to the washroom with her friends, they are either talking shit about them or re-enacting the scene from Pulp Fiction...GOD DAMN, I SAID GOD DAMN.

My world is rocked...and I just want to let women know...i now know how disgusting you really are!

How do i know about this ancient secret? Well recently a couple of teammates of mine were commenting on how nice the washroom was and i was surprised.
"aren't they all really posh with sofas and shit?" -naive iz3y!

"FUCK NO...Bar bathrooms are terrible. Woman don't care so they just...." -confidential source

I won't repeat the rest because i blacked out. Totally messed me up. I will now sit in the corner of my shower stall hoping to rinse the grime off of me. Praying the pain will stop.



Thursday, September 25, 2008

Damn I have way too much time on my hands!

What's the protocol for work? Do people really still the punch the clock at 8 or 8:30 and work like ants until lunchtime (~11:30 or 12) enjoy that slice of life for an hour then go back to work and grind it out until 5? Serious, am I the only who finds he has mad time on his hands? I am not a slacker by any means, because I actually do stuff, I just do it quick. At least I think I do, maybe I should take on more...who knows, but that is why I am asking. What is the protocol here?

My dad is a worker. He slaved for over 20 years at a factory where he distributed his unique brand of humor and ridiculous work ethic. Now he is an electrician where he is still doing the same. I am sure you guys are thinking that union guys are the biggest slackers, but trust me when I say my dad ain't like that. (threw an 'ain't' in there in case moms reads this...she hates that word) This is the guy who can't sit still and has to do something. Rip a wall down...sure. Garden is getting redesigned by moms...ON IT! So I know he is down for that 5:ooam to 3Pm stroll, but what is that the norm?

I can crank out a phone system, redesign a network and come up with answers for vexxing questions and still have time to blog, chat, and come up with ideas like a BLOG SITE. Does that make me a slacker? Has the computer made life easier so that those of us who work on it just have more time on our hands. I mean it is not like we are slaving away here. Oh, I see u in the backrow raising your hand ready to shout how you worked all day. Yeah we got it, it takes you 8 hours to work on an excel spreadsheet. how about you learn the program and you wont spend 8 hours!

In all seriousness, does anyone really fill in the work hours, or have we become masters of spacing out work? Does wasting time on something you don't know count as working? Does it matter?

Btw...For music during the day:

To get people to leave you alone:
Angry face and Industrial (front242, nitzer ebb, ABBA!)

Make time Fly:
Smile, and dance music (house set, green velvet) mindless hip hop

Calm u down after talking to dumb people
focused look and ColdPlay and/or Radio Head

yours truly,
iz3y! of the SOUTH!

batting leadoff

so let me start with an explanation for this blog...a blog about our blog.

Me and my friends have been friends since 1991 and we have too much stupid stuff to say. In 1995, we all got pagers so that we could share insightful stuff like, "Hey, I am bored...let's go bowling!" Since then, we have all grown up and despite, time, space, women and school, we have stayed the best of friends. We have also developed our own unique perspective on life and probably some of the cruelest jokes and lines for each other.

So what is the point of all of this? Well, two of us, Omar and myself have decided to rant it out. Get our words on the interweb and see what happens. Hell this could fail miserably or be a source of humor for you cube jockeys who pine away all day and ask, how the hell does Omar keep coming up with lines that crush my soul?

We have absolutely no format, no topic, and quite honestly, I have no idea what the hell he will post. As a matter of fact right now, I have it on good authority, he is currently meditating in his cave preparing his post, and trust me when I say, you should be prepared for anything.

My other two friends don't know this yet, but they will be involved as well, so lets go with a quick overview of who I am and the person who just wasted 10-15 min of your life when u read this. I hope my compatriots will do the same, but i promise nothing.

NAME: Ismael J Lopez
Nickname: iz3y, scrubbington J (bowling name), Fish! (u better be related to call me that)
From: Chicago, IL
AGE: 30 going on 13
Interests: Sports, Tech, and music...I also dont shy from plotting ur demise

I will be one of the Four Winds...i hope u enjoy, and if u dont, oh well...we really dont care.