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Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Things I think I think Vol 6

Hello Evildoers,

     It is I, Jokey Jokemaker, back with a fresh list of thoughts recently thought of in a state of prolonged thoughtfulness.  Here they are in no particular order.

1)  I am saddened once again by movies that are coming out.  I am most saddened by movies that took once-treasured childhood memories, and trashed the crap out of them.  Transformers, G.I Joe, even the freakin SMURFS have all been made into movie franchises in the last few years.  Yeah they made money, but they sucked.  in the long run, making money will always take a back seat to being good.  You look at movies out today, Twilight, jack and jill, and a host of other crappy movies, and I could live forever without wanting to see a single one.  If I had to rely on movie reviews, the movie with the most buzz, Melancholia, has made 1.8M dollars so far.  That was, I believe the amount of money the SMURFS used to animate Papa Smurf for 3 seconds.   You can never depend on Hollywood for anything new or amazing. The one time they do accidentally make something good,  they bury the formula.  Does anyone remember how many awards "The Shawshank Redemption won?

2)  Steve Jobs is still dead.  How ironic, that even though he was super rich and powerful, he died a stubborn fool.

3)  Amy Winehouse is still dead.  she was a drug-addled alcoholic that ws surrounded by leeches and yes-men when all she really needed was someone to tell her "No."

4)  I was out at a bar the other day, and I told a funny joke.  I instantly became the front runner for the GOP Presidency race. 

5)   I friend i have recently mentioned a desire to go to a Morrissey concert.  I laughed, as I thought him dead.  It turns out, it was just his creative drive and musical ability that died, way back on 1997's CD "Maladjusted."

6)  NBA Basketball will return to tv on December 25th.  I could care less, and as thousands of kids open their gifts that morning 2 things come to mind.  First, the number of children who will not have gifts that day, or even a warm place to stay.  Second will be Latrell Spreewell's inability to feed his children.

7)  Reality tv is spiralling out of control.   I hear that there is talk of some new show about mailmen to the rich and famous.  This comes on the heels of some really garbage shows.  Shows about women or men who sleep with NBA players, baseball players,  B-list actors, C-list Actors, Ashton Kutcher, any Kardashian, any housewife, any video vixen, flavor flav,  or having 8 children with a weird looking Filipino dude rule the airwaves.  I have three development deals in the works, so maybe I am not the best judge.  but tv really sucks right now. 

8)  Regular TV sucks too.  the only shows that are watchable, have either gone off the rails.  i tried watching American Horror Story , but the whole "Is he  ghost or isn't he?," bored the shit out of me.  The Walking Dead is off the air until February, and FX has not aired anything of substance since The SHIELD or LOUIE.   Thank goodness for netflix and obscure foreign movies.

9)  How bad is the state of music when you say to yourself, "That sounds like garbage, I would rather make my own."  I look forward to the day when music gets back to being good enough to have on in the background while you vacuum or mow the lawn.

10)  Things I am down on this week:  The BEARS, Herman Cain, Republicans, the   CUBS, Obama, The San Diego Chargers, Kenny Williams, Chris Paul, David Stern,
Eskimos, coldplay, and Russia.

11)  Things I am up on this week:  Tim Tebow, Cuna Lounge, bashing Morrissey, making my own mix of fresh beats and crunchy tracks, Ndeomakon Suh spiralling out of control, a more balanced union, a flat tax, the Patriots taking it easy on the colts, our troops at home and overseas, kim kardashiass fighting to stay relevant, Kim not looking like KHLOE, and giving to the the salvation army. 

See you next week.  For now, I remain, Jokey Jokemaker

Friday, December 2, 2011

The Jimmy Carter of my sister's generation...

1. President Obama is a one term-er. There are several reasons why, but one reason recently became a revelation to me--the Black "elite" are abandoning him. Yes the same Negros that felt President Obama wasn't "black" enough when he was a candidate, flipped the script just enough to get him elected, and now feel slighted, disrespected and cheated from the lack of "lookin out" Obama has done for Black people. Gays got DADT repealed. Latinos got a supreme court justice. Black folks got...Eric Holder?

Specifically, the educated, money makin Negros feel like Obama should have stacked the courts with Black judges, there should be more Black U.S. Attorneys, the inspector general and the head of the CDC should be Black, etc. etc. Here is where I need to part with the thinking of my more militant peoples--this line of thinking is just ignorant.

Firstly, just because our President is Black, doesn't mean he can (or should) "black out" the government. Secondly, what's to guarantee that once placed in key positions, these Black folks would actually prove to be a benefit to the Black community? Clarence Thomas is widely considered to be one of the more detrimental forces to Black civil rights since he's been on the bench. Last I checked he's got more melanin in his skin than my entire maternal blood line. Lastly, even if recommended, these folks would need to get approved by Congress--the President can't even get a resolution to change the kind of toilet paper used in the white house passed these days, so what makes anyone think a slew of Negros would get affirmed as cabinet/judicial appointments?

Clearly as the first black president, Obama was put in a lose-lose situation. He either couldn't do enough or would do too much when it came to Black people. It seems that some people don't understand that as President, the man is responsible for ALL AMERICANS. Because you know, he can't win re-election with just 12% of the population of the country voting for him.

With the way politics work in this city, I wouldn't be surprised if Obama doesn't carry certain wards in 2012. Just know if that's the case, it will be because the "Black elite" bailed on his ass.

2. Newt Gingrich is pulling out George Bush tricks, a.k.a. scare tactics. Gingrich is painting President Obama as an "activist", someone who wants to "shake things up" so much that it will ruin the lives of his biggest demographic--old, crusty white folks. Should this idea take root, this would be yet another reason Obama gets only one term. Droves of people (mainly under the age of 40) got out to vote in 2008 to put Obama in office. Should HALF those people stay home in 2012, baby-boomers will carry more power, and Obama will be done. He's already polling like Carter, he might as well just change his name now.

3. Finally, on non-political note, I propose we end every blog entry for the remainder of 2011 with a picture of Kim's ass. Because we can never get enough of Kim's ass around here...