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Wednesday, November 10, 2010

NFL - Gentleman league?

So the NFL, a popular sporting organization in America, is ''shocked' at league violence, and is now clamping down on players who hit other players really hard.  "They must be made to pay!" people shout.  That same person will screm and holler if a tighe end like faggoty Greg olsen runs for the sideline instead of lowering his shoulder for those 3 extra yards Apparently violence is unacceptable in a league which harbors 'semi-convicted' felons from the law. Players like:

1. Ray Lewis, who may or may have killed a man outside of a nightclub.

2. James Harrisson, who beat his wife, and the Arizona Cardinals within weeks of each other last year.

3.)Rae Carruth, the ex Panthers receiver, convicted of conspiring to kill a woman who at the time was carrying his child (As told by the Kings of Comedy).

4. Eugene Robinson, who paid an undercover officer named Ismael Julio Lopez for a blowjob the night before his third Superbowl start. I didn't know players often had to 'warm up' on a cop's face. Sure this isn't violent, but its fucking hilarious.

5. Tom Brady, who has children out of wedlock

6.  Antonio Cromartie - who celebreates every game played by impregnating a local nearby woman

How does the league not expect violence with alleged murderers and rapists on the field? That's like having a bunch of chefs hang out at your house, and then being SHOCKED when some of them put on really poofy  hats and try to make fritters.  How does a league that is planning on lengthening its season next year to 18 games, also claim to be 'concerned' that play is getting too rough? That is hypocrisy at its finest. That's like telling your children that the neighborhood you live in is getting very rough , soooo you are going to be 'extending' their outdoor playtime. WTF?

What the NFL needs to do is quit calling the sport a game. It's not a game anymore. It stopped being a 'game' when players got paid MILLIONS to play it. if i had millions, i would hire someone to score touchdowns for me, like a buff-as-hell butler, who would catch touchdowns, and then immediately make me some fresh-squeezed orange juice.  It stopped being a game when accused murderers were allowed on the field. It stopped being a game when unwilling chicks in bathrooms started getting groped by its players. It stopped being a game when naked players began harassing theat mexcian broad doing an interview in the locker room.  It stopped being a game when sports fans like Isamel Julio Lopez were subjected over and over and over to brett Farve's penis.  And it surely stopped being a game when the chance to 'celebrate' after a touchdown became an infraction.

A game is something a fat guylike Johnner Londono plays on a Sunday afternoon. A game is a group of neighborhood kids on Thanksgiving holidays, organizing an afternoon competition, where the only prizes are bragging rights and extra dessert. A game is what it was when players played for one team, and free agency didn't make the value of your favorite player's jersey worthless because he left for more money. A game is 'a bird hunted for sport'.

So let's call it what it is, a dangerous business, played by a mix of heroes, zeroes, jesters, murderers, and mortals. That way, when someone loses a limb, or a spine, or a court case for a murder indictment, no one will be 'shocked'.   Untill then, I will continue to atch Monday Night Football hoping to watch "Jacked UP!"

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Monday, November 8, 2010

As cold as the cold wind blows...

So Mr. Sullivan passed away a few weeks ago and still nothing has been done. It took Notre Dame more than a week to release a statement saying " Notre dame are responsible". Brian Kelly still coaches and Jack Swarbrick moves onward as Athletic Director. All while the Sullivan family mourns the loss of their 20 year old boy. Boy, not a man.

Should he not have gone up in the lift? Definitely. Who made the call? As of right now no one is fessing up. What i do know is this. My 4 year old's class did not go out to play that day because it was too windy.

Who knew it would be that windy out there? Believe it or not meteorologists were right on the button with forecasting the wind storm and had been predicting strong gusts for days.

Several NCAA football coaches have been on 670 The Score stating how they wouldn't practice outside if the wind was 25 MPH or stronger. Including Bobby Bowden of all people. Wind gusts that week were above 60 MPH.

But no. Brian Kelly is having a poor showing his 1st season and chose to have practice outside that day. A "productive" practice i might add. As he so notably stated during the press conference.

Productive?!?! A 20 year old died that day and practice was productive? Shame on you! Shame on Notre Dame! Shame on the family for not calling for heads to roll! And shame on the Catholic church for not demanding that something be done!

This was not his decision to go up and film practice. A 20 year old who works for a famed University would eat his own feces if told it would benefit the team. Who knows what is going on behind the scenes but i am worried with every day that passes that some poor old Catholic woman's weekly donation will end up in Mr. and Mrs. Sullivan's back pocket.

Am i jumping to conclusions? Most definitely. But with as many pedophiles that are within the Catholic church who have not seen the inside of a jail cell there is no evidence to prove otherwise. Millions of dollars have gone to payoffs for the amount of touching these priests have done. Who is to say the same won't be done with the Sullivan family.

I hope i am wrong. I hope somehow this wrong will be righted. But the fact that not one person has stepped forward at some teary eyed press conference asking for forgiveness in not making the right decision is beyond me.

People stand outside the University and protest when someone with a Pro-Choice stance is making a speech at their school. A 20 year old passes away so the football team can win and bring in millions more in booster and sponsorship money and nothing but silence. I hope someone speaks up for this kid. Regis? Joe Montana? The Bus? Rocket? Charlie Weiss? Brady Quinn? Joe Theismann? No one?