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HAPPY BDAY to Bella Baggins (7/6) and the BIGS (7/13)

Monday, February 7, 2011


Hello evildoers. 

     Its time for our annual "Make fun of Jimmy becuase he is a bitch  and its his birthday," event. 

Jimmy rubs my nuts the way castaways rub on Genie lamps.

Jimmy can slam a revolving door and suck cock at the same time

Jimmy can stare directly into the sun for days on end........and suck cock

Jimmy is a triple threat, he sings, sucks cock, and dances

Jimmy'a part time job is as a fluffer for Vivid entertainment

Jimmy won a Peruvuan Silver Albatross award for his role in the independent porn movie "All deliveries IN THE REAR."

Jimmy kills drifters to get erections