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Wednesday, June 19, 2013

2 week notice, now you are on notice!

- I got a friend of mine who put in her 2 week notice.  This got me thinking as she was telling me she was still working...WHY ARE YOU WORKING?  Isn't a 2 week notice like a notice that says, you have me for 2 weeks but I ain't gonna be doing shit!  Serious, who expects quality work from a person no longer bound to that paycheck that comes every 2 weeks or so.

- In sports yesterday, the Spurs failed to look at the Pacers V Heat series and pulled out their best rebounder and player last night in Tim Duncan, and watched as the Heats rebounded the ball and made a critical Heart stabbing 3.  Thank you Ray Allen for reminding us all that if you ignore your history, you are doomed to repeat it.

- Kanye is a father.  People are wondering what type of dad he will be.  They are wondering if his latest album is a reflection of his future tenure as a dad.  It's a fucking album and his baby momma has already been pimping the fetus on her show for weeks now.  CLEARLY, it doesn't matter what kind of father he will be because you know she destined for the Pole.

- Chief Keef has been arrested for speeding, and hit with two paternity suits.  If a rapper doesn't live in Northbrook, does anyone hear about this?

- The NSA is currently spying on you.  The government has been doing this every since the words GOVERNMENT were created.  Quit ur bitching and stop worrying that anyone cares that you like to look at porn.  If ur looking up a bomb, or ways to fuck shit up, then you deserve to be spied on and your house raided by Special Forces and guys who are itching to shoot a terrorist.  This isnt a violation of civil liberties, this is what we all bitch about.  Dont believe me?  BENGHAZI...yeah..go complain now.

- Free festivals are all over the city.  Get out and enjoy one.  No really!  Don't sit at home wondering if your kid has ADHD as you let him play on the tablet for 6 hours.  Don't wonder why u have a spare tire and white walls to match as you sit there watching a cooking show with no food in your refrigerator.  GET OUTSIDE.

i am arrogant..why aren't you!


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Unknown said...

This is TOTALLY the funniest shit I read all day. I love it!

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