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Thursday, May 23, 2013

Rantations of a pretty Prince...

1)  So let me get this straight--Chicago Public Schools are being UNDER utilized...yet we just had a teachers strike where the staff alleged that they weren't paid enough and that they needed smaller classes.  The school system is also fiscally broke...yet the city can spend $55 million to help DePaul (a private, religious institution) build a new stadium for its mediocre--no scratch that, HORRIBLE--men's basketball program, and a hotel nearby.  I get it--the money earned from amusement taxes on tickets (if any are purchased) and hotel rooms will make the city a bunch of money.  And the $55 mil isn't real cash, its more "tax credits" where money is actually taken from several sources (or not paid into several sources)--including schools.  But somehow this doesn't seem right.  Money we could use to fund our inner-city-mostly attended by black and brown student-schools is going to fund...a stadium where white people can go and watch one predominantly white, catholic school's team get decimated by another predominantly white school whose entire team is made up of about 50% of their black students.

2)  Folks are up in arms that Dr. Dre gave $35 million to USC to help establish a specialized degree program.  They're mad because as a successful Black man, he chose to spend his money at a rich, quality predominantly white institution, instead of giving his cash to a struggling Historically Black College or University (HBCU) to improve one of those schools.  The argument--$35 million to USC is a drop in the USC bucket, considering that USC's endowment is larger than all the endowments of all the HBCUs combined--including Howard, Morehouse and Spellman.  Now I won't go so far as to say there isn't a need for HBCUs anymore, but there should definitely be fewer.  I'm all about creating as many opportunities as possible for those who otherwise wouldn't get them.  But if those "opportunities" aren't useful, what's the point?  Shouldn't we be more about a quality education these days?  Why support an institution barely staying afloat or able to keep its accreditation?

3)  I don't want to hear another American claim to be thug or gangsta.  Until we get people who will run over someone with their car, then get out of the car with hatchets, and then attempt to chop up the body while the person is still broad daylight with people watching...and then give a TV interview after...while still holding the hatchet...and not wearing a mask, they aren't gangsta.


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